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Full-service technical integration to make sure the implementation fits perfectly into your existing infrastructure

AI ideation & alignment

We specialize in helping businesses to navigate the complex world of artificial intelligence. Our team of AI experts will work closely with you to assess your company's unique needs and goals, as well as provide personalized recommendations on the best ways to implement AI in your organization.

Whether you're a startup looking to innovate or an established company aiming to improve efficiency, our tailored, outside-the-box recommendations will help you unlock the full potential of AI.

AI integration service

In addition to our ideation service, we offer full-service technical integration to make sure the implementation fits perfectly into your existing infrastructure. Our in-house Amsterdam-based development team is skilled in working with both existing AI tools, API's and custom-built models and solutions.

Whether it's integrating AI-powered chatbots, automating data analysis, or implementing machine learning models for predictive maintenance through a dashboard, our team will ensure a smooth and seamless transition to an AI-driven operation.

Solutions directions we offer

Use third party AI models

Implement popular AI models like ChatGPT, GPT-4, Dall-E, Midjourney and Stable Diffusion. These models are integrated seamlessly into your existing infrastructure to enhance ideas, operations and decision-making. By leveraging widely-used AI models, you can benefit from their proven effectiveness and reliability to improve overall business performance.

Create hybrid models

Implementing hybrid AI models involves combining pre-trained models with custom embeddings generated from your companies unique data. This approach enables you to leverage the power of established AI solutions while tailoring them to their specific needs and goals. Unlock valuable insights and enhance decision-making through data-driven AI that is closely aligned with their own operations and objectives.

Develop custom ML models

Designing and developing machine learning solutions tailored specifically to your companies unique requirements and goals. These models are built from the ground up, ensuring they address the particular challenges and opportunities the business faces. Achieve a high level of accuracy and efficiency by using your own tailored interface.

Why work with us

Revolutionary solutions from the frontier of AI technology aimed at companies unafraid of the future

Knowledge of cutting-edge AI technology

As digital natives, we are up to speed with state-of-the-art AI developments

Data Science
Deep learning
Machine Learning
Predictive analytics

Practical skills for agile software- and model development

Our team of Amsterdam-based developers delivers on the entire technical implementation process

Business Modeling
Requirements Engineering
AI technology consulting
UX design

Efficient & effective mapping of your company goals, people and processes

We collaborate with you to formulate an AI strategy that complements your overarching business goals

Software development
Data mining
AI development
model engineering
Cloud computing

Why pick us and not some large firm?

At the forefront of AI and web development, we pride ourselves on our distinctive blend of artificial intelligence expertise, new-age tech passion, and web development experience. While most firms excel in only one of these areas, our highly specialized team brings it all together. We selectively engage in projects that align perfectly with our capabilities, ensuring that you receive the maximum return on your investment.

Founded Pursuit, an Amsterdam-based web development agency
Expanded our technical services to (web)apps and API's
Focus on AI & ML models and new tech like web3
Launched our specialized brand Integrators.ai for AI-driven projects
Your new AI project?

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Checkout some of our projects


GPT-4 powered SaaS

Business Modeling
UX Design
Large Language Model

For Tellr, we facilitated the seamless integration of the large language model (LLM) GPT-4 into a content management web tool via the OpenAI API. With this AI feature, users receive tailored content recommendations that perfectly align with their organization and content strategy. This cutting-edge integration not only ensures more efficient and simpler content creation but also offers the owners the opportunity to provide a premium license, significantly increasing the average lifetime value of users.


ML-driven preventive healthcare

Machine learning
Data science
Predictive Analytics
Model Engineering

For PostYourLab, we develop Machine Learning models that predict the risk of certain lifestyle diseases as accurately as possible based on biomarkers and additional information from questionnaires. After taking a blood test, users can view the results through the PostYourLab mobile app and, if desired, schedule an e-consultation with a health specialist. Integrators.ai assists PostYourLab and its parent company Labonovum in the design and further development of the complete AI infrastructure and data pipelines.


Flight times tracker

Large Language Model
AI Development
Predictive Analytics

We support ViaEurope in their ambition to make global e-commerce shipping as effortless as possible through modern technology. The use of artificial intelligence plays a significant role in this. Intensive co-creation, an agile mindset, and rapid iterations quickly resulted in a marketable product that can be accessed both internally and externally via an API. The flight time tracker ensures more efficient service and surpasses competitors in the market in terms of accuracy.

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